On the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the Colorado Masonic Band Camp. The band played a concert on the 3rd of July and participated in the Greeley Stampede Parade. This year the band consisted of 114 students from 61 different Colorado High Schools.



Every year during the July 4th Holiday, the Grand Lodge of Colorado sponsors the Colorado High School Masonic Band camp on the University of Northern Colorado campus in Greeley.






The Colorado Masonic High School Band Camp is open to all interested high school band students 9th, 10th or 11th grades statewide with who play at least one marching band instrument. High School Band Instructors are urged to select three of their most promising students who play different instruments, for consideration.


The Masonic High School Band Camp is free of charge to the students who attend, but it is not free. The cost of each student to attend is $300.00 and is funded through scholarships by Masonic Lodges, other Masonic Family groups, and interested individuals. The Colorado Masonic Band Camp is a 501(c)(3) corporation under Colorado Law, which means all donations made to sponsor students are tax deductible.


If you would like to sponsor one or more students to attend the camp, here is an application or you may contact these people:


Marvin Feldman at (303) 771-2889 or via email [mafhorn@comcast.net]

Bill Feldman at via email [bandcamp@coloradofreemasons.org]


Students wishing to attend the Colorado Masonic Band Camp here is an application. Please note that your Band Director must also sign this form. Lodges, Groups or Individuals wishing to Sponsor a student to the Colorado Masonic Band Camp here is an application. Please note the Deadline for Applications for both Students and Sponsors is April 20, 2022.


For a complete list of information here is a Flayer and this is the schedule of events for the Colorado Masonic Band Camp. If you still need more information about how to support or apply for this program, Contact the Grand Lodge Offices.


"Dear Mr. Feldman,


I am writing in order to thank you for organizing the Colorado Masonic Band Camp and tell you what a great time I had. I can't even imagine how difficult it is to organize this huge program each year, but believe me, we all appreciate your hard work! I had a ton of fun this week, too. I was so impressed with Dr. Droe and I know I will use the concepts he taught us in band class when school starts again. I also really enjoyed the dance party and the talent show, the Grand Master's rap was certainly memorable! Plus, it was neat to hear your Civil War band. You made me want to learn how to play the herald trumpet. Again, thank you so much!"


Sarah Pook, 2009 Band Camp

Eyes front: March

Tina Fenimore


Friday through Tuesday, June 30-July 4 held time in suspense. One hundred ten Colorado high school concert band musicians inhaled quarter notes, trills, drum rolls and cadence. They exhaled 4/4 time, scales, codas and refrain.


The Colorado Masonic High School Band Camp is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization that offers scholarships to Colorado High School, grade 9 through 11, Music Students. These scholarships entitle the recipients to attend the Colorado Masonic Band Camp held at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Last year the band consisted of 110 students. The Band Camp is a 5 day 4 night camp where the students are taught how to march and play together. The music education is conducted by the University of Northern Colorado. The Colorado Masonic Family and friends pay for the music education, room, and board during the Band Camp. The only cost to the student is transportation to Greeley. The camp consists of students from all over the state. In the course of the camp the students put together acts for a talent show. The acts are judged by the students and the camp awards 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes.


Living in Colorado's Masonic Band Camp is knowing where to find a fruit smoothie in the UNC cafeteria. It is also being taught seated posture for playing an instrument. It is repeatedly playing a run until it's correct. It is Paying Attention to Dr. Richard Mayne. It is following the direction of Dr. Kevin Droe... It is being In Attendance with the heart.


Colorado high schools benefit from this year's music program. The people of the Queen City of the Plains sit up and took notice of our wonderful band as it marched in the Greeley Stampede Parade on Independence Day. It is heartwarming to see the nearby towns represented: Brush, Johnstown, Penrose, Aguilar, Florence, Peetz, and Bennett.


Seven beautiful tubas complimented the drums. One quadra-tops (4 drums across) musician asked another "which stairs down" to use. His friend replied, "Better use those. If we slip on these, we'll kill a piccolo player".


I wish you could see the sweet and quiet smile, with the slight nod, of the trombone player, the depth of understanding in the eyes of the tenor sax musician. All the youthful faces have persevered throughout school years with their music. An inner strength is evident. Some, it seems, already know from experience that life is not easy. These few days in Greeley are the culmination of so much. Some do not want to go home. They ask to stay on. This Camp has been an exquisite part of a tender life.


Each has his story, the history of his life, which spills into Camp: a father who disappeared, a mom constantly at work, a parent demanding too much. There is Camp, which impinges on a life of asthma, diabetes, and private worries. All, mixed with roommates, cell phones, sunburn, swipe cards (meal tickets) and 6 AM wake-up. All fit with pizza party and live DJ dancing, ice cream social, a concert at the Greeley fairgrounds during the Stampede Rodeo and learning to march as a band.


A mother had a Masonic contact in Virginia who called Colorado to ascertain the integrity of Camp. It was difficult to release her beloved daughter from her embrace.


The campers had a great time!

"Everyone else sat on the grass. But my eye is swollen and I have welts."

"Have you seen my flute? I was going to breakfast and now I don't have it."

"My roommate and I have sore backs and so we didn't hear the bullhorn to wake us."

"I heard a rip and split my white shorts. No, I don't know how I did it."

"Excuse me from crying, my dog died last night."

"Nurse, do you have something for my ankle? I sprained it last week."

"Mr. Chaperone, I'm fully dressed walking in the hall at 1 AM because I'm just on the way to the bathroom."


No one complained about his music. No one wanted to miss a note. The world, and its desires, drifted away. All the yearnings and cares came to gather in the notes and the tunes.


The public concert in the UNC ballroom held emotion in its chords. It was music which could not be forced. It was music played from love, from the heart, reaching toward ideal grace. And truly, it touched the Divine.


Tina Fenimore is the wife of Brother Jerry Fenimore, 33° Grand Treasurer of the Grand Lodge of Colorado, She has been a loyal supporter and chaperone at the Colorado Masonic Band Camp since its inception in 2003.



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