M.W. Raymond H. Dunn, Jr., G.M.

Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Colorado


Raymond H. Dunn, Jr. (Ray) was born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas, near the Louisiana state line and Gulf of Mexico. He served on active duty in the United States Army for more than 20 years with the U.S. Army Military Police Regiment, during which time he served numerous overseas tours, to include three combat tours. Ray has been employed with Fort Carson, Colorado since 2006 and currently serves as the Chief of Plans and Protection which oversees Force Protection, Antiterrorism, and Emergency Management for the installation. Ray obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice in 2006 and His Master of Science in Management/Homeland Security in 2011. He continues to research Middle Eastern religious, militant, and political policy and international and domestic terrorism.


Ray’s Masonic journey began in 1997 when he was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in Phoenix Lodge #8, Fayetteville, North Carolina. He served as Master of Enlightenment Lodge #198 (Colorado Springs, CO) in 2012 and 2013. He served as Master of El Paso Lodge #13 (Colorado Springs, CO) in 2016. He has held numerous other leadership positions within Freemasonry, to include: Director of Degrees and Reunion General for the Valley of Colorado Springs/Pueblo, Orient of Colorado, A.A.&S.R, Southern Jurisdiction; Sovereign Master, Gofannin Council # 315, Allied Masonic Degrees, Colorado Springs, CO; and Governor, Southern Colorado York Rite College No. 109, Pueblo, CO.


Other memberships include:

- Royal Arch Chapter of Colorado – Colorado Springs Chapter #6 (Colorado Springs, CO)

- Cryptic Masons of Colorado – Zabud Council #8 (Colorado Springs, CO) Recipient of the Honor of Knight Ish Sodi

- Knights Templar, Colorado – Pikes Peak Commandery No. 6 (Colorado Springs, CO)

- Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine – Al Kaly (Colorado Springs, CO)

- Research Lodge of Colorado

- Red Cross of Constantine – Sangre De Cristo Conclave (Howard, CO)

- Royal Order of Scotland (Provincial Grand Lodge, U.S.A.)

- St. Thomas of Acon – Rocky Mountain Chapel No. 26 (Denver, CO)

- Societas Rosicruciana In Civitatibus Foederatis (Colorado College)


Ray has served Colorado Freemasonry and the Freemasons of Colorado as a Grand Lodge Officer since 2014. He currently serves as Grand Master of Masons in Colorado. Ray’s philosophy is that we need not focus entirely on growing the number of Masons, but to develop the Masons we have. We achieve this in large part by developing leaders within the Fraternity that foster the implementation and continued support of realistic and achievable goals that drive a culture of success and growth over the long term.


Ray currently resides in Fountain, Colorado with his wife, Barbara. They have two sons, Nicholas who resides in Evans, GA, and Christopher who resides in Winchester, NH. They have seven grandkids.