The Colorado Masons' Benevolent Fund Scholarship Committee was established in 1966. Scholarships amounting to over $8.5 million have been awarded to over 700 students to attend institutions of higher learning in Colorado. The scholarships are for up to $7000 per year, renewable for four years for a total of $28,000 and are awarded primarily for leadership, maturity, need, and scholastic ability without reference to race, creed, color, sex, or Masonic relationship. The only requirements are that an applicant be a graduating senior in a public high school in Colorado and the he or she attend an institution of higher learning within the state of Colorado.


The scholarship administrator oversees the day to day operation of the program. He does not participate in the selection process. The Scholarship Committee consists of six well qualified individuals plus the chairman. This committee selects the recipients each year with the Grand Masters guidance and approval. The number of scholarships awarded each year is affected by the earnings of the Colorado Masons' Benevolent Fund and determined by the Fund's Board of Trustees. We awarded 15 new scholarships in 2005 and again in 2006. A lesser number were awarded in prior years. There are 16 new winners this year.


The distribution of application materials and instructions is handled through the public high school counselors, exclusively. The scholarship administrator sends these materials to each Colorado public high school in late October each year.

Vocational Grants


We started this program in 2003 and award up to 15 grants per year in the amount of $2,000.00 for vocational training. This is a one time grant and also relies on the earnings of the Benevolent Fund. The distribution of application materials, eligibility requirements and selection process are the same as the scholarship program. We awarded 7 new grants in 2007.

Educational Grants


In this program the Benevolent Fund will match up to $500.00 of grant money that each local lodge presents to a student of their choice. The application and selection process is determined by each lodge. Education Grants began in 1984 and total dollars invested are over $536,000. High school seniors who are interested in this program should contact a local Masonic lodge.


The Benevolent Fund's total contribution to higher education in the state of Colorado for 2008 was around $400,000.


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